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Consultative Group for Investment and value company CGIV Welcomes you and thank you for your interest in our website to know our consulting services that we provide to our valued clients where we as an expertise house and accredited experts enrolled in the Central Bank of Egypt and Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA) and our clients are operating banks in the banking system, as well as investors in the investment sector, domestic economy, regional and international where we provide our consulting services through our Team work and considering the professional Standards and Specifications with craft and high quality skills, and be honest from the beginning till achieving the desired purpose from us in all consulting services provided to our valued clients.

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We are working hard to provide our services, taking into account standards, specifications, ethics with professionally and skill of high-quality and be Trustees from the beginning until the end to achieve the desired purpose of us through effective team work and our specialize in order to improve the quality of our consulting services Purposeful, Distinct.

are our weapon, which proceed from it toward the positive and success represented our trust with our team our partners our client our belief in our aims our decisions our abilities.

the right of our client represented in [time, Advice, Keep secrets, funds, work, Science]

Craft and skill

Represented in the capacities and capabilities, tools and channels consultant work used from our part to access and achieve the desired goal at best fullest possible and legally.

is the result of our efforts and dedication Our trust our Secretariat our professionalism our skills.

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